love is …..

Love is not black and white

you cannot have it

all figured out

it is a rainbow of colors

some dull,some bright

some a mixture of others

some you don’t even know

what to call them

still like the rainbow

love is beautiful

it is the morning sun

that lands softly on your skin

it is the force that keeps you going

even when stop

is what you’d rather

it is the wind

beneath your wings

that propels you

to fly to skies

you never thought possible

it is the flame

that warms you up

the spark that just never dies

love goes the extra mile

it forgives and forgets

it lets go of the hurt

it encourages and builds

and is always there when needed

it quarrels and fights

and gets mad at times

it always remembers though

that there’s more to life

than being right

than holding grudges

love is the beauty

of sharing yourself with another

as imperfectly as you are

yet being accepted

just as you are

love is the feeling

once you come across

you will never be the same

though it comes and goes

though you may not get it

in return

it always leaves you better

love is beautiful

it’s complicated

yet beautiful…







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