final goodbye

she looked into his eyes

tears in her own

‘just say the words’

her look pleaded

‘say the words

and im yours forever’

he understood

every unspoken word

the bond they shared

more real than flesh and blood

yet he never acknowledged

he didn’t want anything official

the name tags and all

she had waited

she met another

yet every time they met

the picture was complete

the world stood still

time seemed to freeze

she was with another

yet her love for him

never did diminish

she asked for a break

to go away and think

be sure of her next step

she wanted him to help her

it would be selfish

heartless even

but she needed to know

before she closed the door

that she had given it her all

and so with her eyes

she begged him

to say the words

and ask her to say


he said not a word

his eyes a blank look

not to give away too much

he too loved her

with every fibre in him

he had an ego

he wanted her

to himself and no one else

to hold her so close

be the one to protect her

be her knight in shining armor

he knew she wanted him

but somehow he stood

one word is all he needed to say


but he didn’t

he couldn’t get over himself

he looked away

to keep her from seeing the tear

and never looked at her again…


her heart broke

at that instant

to a million little pieces

and it hurt her so much

she wished death would take her

she sat down on the floor and wept

she cried like she would

never cry again

she had gotten her answer

and it was time to move on


with no words spoken

they both knew what had happened

in the tears she cried

she let go of it all

the love,the hopes and dreams

all in the tears she cried

as she stood to walk away

it was the final goodbye

their eyes interlocked for a while

then she was gone

and then the walls came crushing down

he had let her go

the one person he ever truly loved

just walked out his life

and he let her

though she begged him

he let her go

and now he had to

live with the reality

of having had love

right in his hands

and letting it go

this time

never to return.







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