unhappy employee = ????????????

So,this is my second week at my place of work.Loving it though still very green.It is an advertising agency and well,for now,i am at the front office desk with a plan to grow…Anyway this post today is on dissatisfied employees.I ain’t going to write like a whole book,just a small insight that employers can use to their advantage if profits is what they want.

A disgruntled employee will not give you results,no matter how many threats you use.Someone who is bored or has just had it with your company,is not going to be productive.I don’t care how excellent they are at what they do.If they are not happy,your company won’t be as well.

Advice,if its something to do with the work environment and something within your grasp to change,and you feel they are an asset,then by all means do something about it.If not,you can give a warning letter.Let them know if their productivity does not improve within a certain period then you would have to let them go and do just that,because at the end of the day,you are not running a charity organization.Yeah.Got that from a former employer with whom we had lots of differences and she told me,results or you go.So,sounds harsh but it’s true because at the end of the day,the employers expect to be paid,and you are not world bank so unless there is business,where will you get the cash to cover the expenses?

An unhappy employee = low productivity.You make the choice.

yours humbly,



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