i am perfectly imperfect

i wish i could be

all you want me to be

i wish i was tall,pretty and skinny

that’s what the magazines call beautiful

with flawless skin

but i can’t

not because i don’t want to

im just perfectly imperfect.


you compare me with her

tell me how amazing she was

how she treated you like a king

made you feel on top of the world

if she was all that,

why are you busy

trying to change me

i am who i am

take it or leave it

perfectly imperfect


i could do better you say

like my older brother you see

he is the perfect child

bright,athletic,a people’s person

i think im smart

maybe not intelligent

and sports are not my thing

im sorry i disappoint you

no matter how hard i try

i can only be me

perfectly imperfect


so many times

people wish you could do more

be more

so many unrealistic expectations

and we seeking acceptance

work very hard

to fit in the definition

the world seems fit

not any more


See,God loved me

while i was at my lowest

i hated me

don’t think i was worth much

my flaws screamed so loudly

times i wished i was not

yet he saw me

from on high

he loved me

called me

the apple of his eye

sent his only Son

to die for my sins

i don’t understand it

i clearly didn’t deserve it

but i accept it


beauty for ashes

stones to rubies

im not the best there is

not the way the world sees it

but i am ok

i am ok with not being perfect

the plastic smiles,

the fake relationships

i don’t know about you

but that the Creator of the universe

saw something of worth in me

Something good enough to save

that gives me confidence

to be ok

with not being perfect

i am happy

being perfectly imperfect.








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