here to stay

to have and to hold

till death do us part

when i look in your eyes

eternity is what i see

when i move a little closer

your undying love for me

today as we become one

i promise you not

heaven and earth

they belong to God

i simply couldn’t afford it

but this i do promise

to be by your side

every step of the way

to be your voice of reason

when your mind’s too clouded

to hold your hand through the tunnel

be your rock to keep you from falling

once in a while

i will be mad

i may even hurt you

by what i say or do

but always remember this

even during the storm

i love you and always will

and no matter what happens

in sickness and in health

in riches and poverty

in winter and summer

in good and bad times

i am yours

and i am here to stay



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