Violet Olang’ The Legend

Today I saw your photo

It has been a while

I placed you somewhere safe

In my mind and heart

Not too far,not too near

I got busy with life

Times I hardly thought of you

Then today,I saw you

All pretty and dimpled

Those dimples

I am yet to find another

With such amazing dimples

And I kept myself from crying

I’m at the office

Not interested in answering questions

I wept for you inside

They say time heals

For me

It simply makes me miss you more

I miss the laughter most

It brightened the world

And your friendship,

You were an amazing friend.

People still talk about you

You are still famous

I’m sure your star

Will forever shine

The Violet Award is in the kitchen

In partnership with

Decade of Action for Road Safety

Just today

A young woman

Lay on the road side – Waiyaki way

She was dead

Hit and run

The family probably worried sick

V,we can’t bring you back

We can however honor you

By finishing what you started.

You were a blessing to know

A joy to behold.

We miss you girlfriend

Your memory lives on.


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