Random questions

Today I have questions

Questions that i seek not answers

Still I feel the need to ask

Why does the sun

Not rise in the west

And set in the east?

Why do goodbyes hurt so much?

Why is love so hard to understand?

Why do people fight?

Why do we hate those different to us?

Why do friends betray each other?

Why do families have so much drama?

Why do we belittle others?

Why are some jobs considered “it” jobs?

Why do boys break girls’ hearts?

Why do girls compete with boys?

Where did humility disappear to?

What happened to for better for worse,

In sickness and in health?

Does faithfulness still exist?

If yes,to whom?

Why is there a rise in teenage suicides?

Why do young people go with the flow?

What happened to standing out?

Why is virginity such a shady thing?

Why is sex so casual?

Where did we lose respect for our bodies?

Who determines what’s the in thing?

Where do they get the authority from?

Who said skinny is beautiful?

What makes curves in a body such a bad thing?

When did morality lose its lustre?

Too many questions to ask…


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