I love you

I love you with every fibre in me

I love the way you love me

Love the way you make me feel

Every time you say my name

Before you came along

I had quit my search

I had almost given up on love

Almost believed it was not

Meant for me

My earlier encounters,

Nothing to write home about.

But when you crossed my path

It was like a heavy cloud had moved

A heavy cloud that was blocking the sun

And I felt the sun rays on my skin again

I smiled

Like I had not in ages

And you

You were a gentleman all the way

Opening the car door for me

Pulling my chair at the restaurant

Calling me daily

At least enough times

You made me feel special

Treated me as a princess

This with no demands

I loved looking at me in the mirror again

You brought back color to my pale world

You did it so effortlessly

Literally swept me off my feet

You are better than the man in my dreams

You are beyond what I ever imagined

I love you

For you complement me

You challenge me to rise above the norm

You challenge me to teach for excellence

My best all you expect of me.

I know I have hurt you

One too many

It took a while

For me to know

You were not like the rest

You were not here just because I am beautiful

You are the real deal

You wanted to know me

You were interested in me,the person

You have loved me faithfully

Even when I let you down

My love,faithfulness

Respect and commitment

These I give to you

For you deserve even more.

I love you.

Now and always


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